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Established in 2014, Doug and Bennett Moore broke ground on Spring Creek Polo Club to create a place he could share his passion of polo with friends and family as well as advance the sport in Birmingham and the surroundings areas. 

Doug's oldest son, Bennett Moore, began playing competitive polo at 15 and played interscholastic polo before going on to be the captain and President of Colorado State University men's polo team. 

This truly beautiful one of a kind property is a labor of love, as over 500 dump truck loads of dirt and hammered boulders of limestone where placed around the property. Cedar, oak and walnut trees were cut to create the 300 yard by 150 yard polo field. These beautiful trees were later milled on the property and can now be seen in the fencing and renovated barn. 

The 34 acre family owned and operated polo ranch makes for a truly unique and stunning backdrop for any wedding or special event. We have and continue to renovate and build a place of natural beauty combined with exceptional service to exceed the dreams of every client we work with.


“There is a fascination about the game of polo that is hard to describe to anyone who has never played. Once a man has had a taste of it, the task of curing him is rather hopeless.”

 -Tommy Hitchcock


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