Making Dreams Come True

Spring Creek Polo is a family polo ranch we built from scratch starting in 2014 to create a place for our friends to join us and enjoy the incredible sport of polo. We moved over 500 dump truck loads of
dirt and hammered out limestone boulders as big as your car to build the field. Bermuda was planted in June of 2017 and over the summer we dumped 350 tons of sand to improve footing for the horses. We are hosting weddings and events year-round at our pavilion adjacent the polo field. 

Turning a Vision into Reality

All of the oak, cedar, and walnut cleared from the polo field were used building fences and milled on- site for the renovation of the old barn and club house. It is truly a one-of- a kind facility focused on making everyone feel welcome.
What makes polo special is not really hitting the little white ball around, it’s the people along the journey.
We hope you’ll come be a part of it


A Story of Family

Polo is a family affair for the Moores.  Doug began playing in 1991 and has played around the world and in hundreds of tournaments throughout the U.S.  Bennett began playing competitively at 13 and played interscholastic polo before going on to be team captain at Colorado State University.  Spring Creek Polo was built as a family farm to advance polo in Birmingham and Alabama.